My name is LimeBreaker. I draw things.
I stream every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday at 8pm PST on Picarto.

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Welp. I guess I'm here now.

I'm holdin' out hope for imageset support and/or being able to upload more than ten things per day, but eh. We'll see how it goes.

Thanks for following me here, though. I know it's a huge pain to follow a bunch of artists as they scatter to the cruel winds, so. ye. Thanks.


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Available for Work


TL;DR: I use a big dumb queue. All of my commissions are drawn on stream. I charge by the hour. I use a script to find which currently-watching viewer has the oldest submission in the queue, and do their commission.

10/15/2019 UPDATE: pricing has changed.

General Commission Info

Commissioned images are for non-commercial use only. I reserve the right to post the images in my own galleries and use them as portfolio samples to advertise my own work.

You may post and share these images on your site and display them as you please, but not in any commercial way. 

Please provide reference for any given character. Proper reference sheets work best, but anything is better than nothing. References are less mandatory for stream commissions - complete references aren’t particularly important if I can ask questions and get answers without delay.

I reserve the right to decline commissions. I might be busy, I might be having a bad day, or you might want me to draw a fetish that I’m not cool with, but them’s the breaks.

On that topic, I feel like what I do and do not draw should be fairly apparent from the gigantic pile of art I’ve shat onto the internet over the years, but there’s now The List of Things that Limebreaker Will Not Draw.

Stream Commissions

I stream every Friday, Sunday, and Tuesday over at https://picarto.tv/LimeBreaker at 8pm PST. If you follow me there you’ll get email alerts when I go live. 

To get a stream commission, go fill out my Stream Commission Form to get an entry on the Stream Commission List. When I go to do a stream commission, I use a script to find which currently-watching viewer has the oldest submission in the queue that I want to do / have time to do. Note that your Picarto Username must exactly match what is entered on the form for the script to work.

When you get a commission, your entry is removed from the list, and you can add another to the bottom of the pile.

Stream commissions are priced at an hourly rate of 16 USD per hour. Each hour past the third hour is charged at 1.5 times the base rate. Each hour past five hours is double the base rate.

Payment occurs via paypal invoice when the drawing is completed.

Edits and alternate versions of drawings can be requested at almost any time during the commission - they cost however long they take to draw. It is best to mention alts at the beginning of the commission if possible, though - some edits are a lot easier to make if I can plan for them.

Commissioners should aim to be present and relatively attentive for the entirety of the time I am working on their commission - I will have questions and you probably do not want me sitting around waiting for an answer while I am charging by the hour.

If you have any questions that are not answered here, feel free to message me on FA, shoot me an email at limebreaker[at]gmail.com , or shoot me a note here on Newgrounds.

The List of Things that Limebreaker Will Not Draw

It’s finally here. Please don’t make me add more things to this list. I’d be quite happy to forget that this list even has to exist.

Under-aged Characters (duh)

Traps (yes, flat futas count as traps)

Yaoi/MxM action

Muscle Girls

Lewd Solo Dudes





Sexualized Gore (Guro is no-go, but a beat-up adventurer after a fight is ok)

Hyper Muscle/Fat

Inflation (Cumflation is fine)

Beastiality (lewd centaurs count)